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Denadmin caters all the problems related to administration in the dental domain, it acts as one point solution for all dental administration solutions, it provides comprehensive and error free mechanism for the administration, management and administration of the dental office is not as easy we believe, its and tedious task for both the managers and the owners.

Denadmin app is designed in an very client friendly and user friendly approach where an dashboard is provided to the management, where he can monitor and supervise all the administrative tasks which are scheduled for the day.

Denadmin reduces the data redundancy, data duplication as it automates the new patient form filling process as use of technology and less paper work is the motto of the project.

Denadmin helps in collecting feedback from the patients for the improvisation and overall development,for these Denadmin uses 360 feedback process which involves every minute detail which helps in better administration of the dental hospital and also better medical care and service by the dentist, Denadmin strives to provide the best quality service to the patients and also satisfy them with better administrative methodology.

Patient Feedback/reviews

Denadmin stores your feedback /reviews then it integrates into the database.

Social media integration

Denadmin also helps in better social media management as all social media platforms such as Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and instagram are integrated with the app.

Vendor supplies management

Denadmin helps in effective vendor supply management as it provides A-z list related to office and clinical supplies.

Patient Messaging

Safe messaging between dental office manager and patients about patient recalls and appointments. With this application patients can schedule their appointments using Two Way texts..

Online new patient forms

If you want your office to minimize paper then you can use DenAdmins new patient form. Form will be directly saved in the office system.

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